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Schrade Custom Builders, Inc.


Your experience will be a rewarding one.



Our Promise to You

At Schrade Custom Builders, Inc., we understand that constructing your home or place of business can be a challenging experience. But when you make the choice to build with us, your experience will be a rewarding one. We don’t compete with the larger builders on quantity, but on quality construction and customer relations, we will far exceed your expectations.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call!

In our continued effort to serve our customers better, we at Schrade Custom Builders, Inc. are constantly researching new and better techniques to build your home.

Many builders are slow to change with the times, and for this reason are often behind on newer and better technologies that are available in the building industry. We embrace the latest technologies and the changes that they make possible.

Our crew is experienced and we work well together. Working in partnership with each other and our clients, we consistently deliver efficient, quality results.

Constructing your dream building or home has never been so easy.

Let us make your dream a reality!