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Our Story

When Doug Schrade was growing up, he saw his dad doing a lot of renovations to his family home. After running up a lot of college debt, Doug started working in the home building industry as a means of paying off his student loans. He quickly discovered his passion for home-building. With a lot of long hours and hard work, Doug started his own successful business.

Since 1992, Doug Schrade has been engaged in home-building in Greenville, NC. As president of Schrade Custom Builders, Inc., he values personally overseeing the building process of each of his clients. During every stage of your building development, Doug will be on the job ensuring that the vision of your home or business that you have in your head is realized.

Our Philosophy

To avoid unnecessary stress in the building process, Schrade Custom Builders, Inc. believes in a direct, hands-on approach to serving clients. From day one, Schrade Custom Builders, Inc. strives to communicate regularly and walk clients through each stage of the building process. At Schrade Custom Builders, Inc., clients are treated as valuable partners and decision-makers.

What Makes Us Different

When you choose Schrade Custom Builders, Inc., you are choosing unparalleled quality for your building process. Doug Schrade, founder and owner of Schrade Custom Builders, Inc., has over 30 years of experience and many satisfied clients who are willing to show you what his completed work looks like and why it works well for them.

Unlike other building company owners, Doug is present on the job every day to manage and actively take part in your building process. Because he has worked with most of his subcontractors for over 10 years, things are done right the first time. His commitment to quality and efficiency means that your building process will be relatively stress-free.

Constructive Support

We offer quality construction and support throughout our entire process. As our customer, you are a member of our extended family.  

Forward Thinking

Many builders are slow to adapt their processes, but Schrade Custom Builders, Inc. is constantly researching more advanced techniques and strategies to build your home or place of business.

Problem Solving

We understand Eastern North Carolina and the unique issues that this region poses for your new home or place of business and how to solve them.


We put our client needs above all else. We give complete, itemized budgets based on your project; there are no hidden costs.